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HOE Website Analysis WORKS

WHAT IS A WEB ANALYSIS TOOL: Website analysis tool by PAB marketing is a comprehensive Website Analytics software tool that helps your website to achieve maximum success on the Internet by tracking problems and poor performing pages that can all affect the user experience.    WHY YOU NEED IT: In your online marketing strategy, your website is an important element to communicate with your audience.  By being able to analyze your website and the pages within, you can locate bad links, security vulnerabilities and other potential problems that may end up interrupting our user’s experience. Having compromising malware and bad links can also affect your optimization efforts and lower your page rank on the search engines. With the Web Analysis Tool, you are able to make sure your website remains healthy and optimized at all times.    HOW TO USE IT: The Website analysis tool can be used for analyzing any website. You will find this tool under the “Analysis Tools” section in the dashboard. Upon clicking on the “Actions” tab under website analysis and you will be redirected to the complete Website analysis page.  On this page, add the domain name you want to analyze by clicking on the “New Analysis” tab.  Once you enter the domain click on the “Analysis” tab to get the analyzed data. There are many marketing tools on the website analysis page that will guide you to evaluate a site’s performance by taking any or all of these actions: Whois Info: It allows you to quickly get information about domain registration, the registration date and expiration date, the contact information for the person/organization whose domain you want to inquire about (perhaps they own a URL that you are interested in and want to purchase it from them).  MOZ Info:  It allows you to work on SEO more fluently, but it also helps to improve content writing, suggests topics of interest to write about that can relate to the target audience, and even polish the strategies to follow on social networks. Google Back Link:  This tool provides the info on Backlinks; these links are crucial as they tell search engines that your website matters. Google determines part of your ranking based on the number of links that point back to your site, perceiving your site as relevant for the content that they link to. IP Info: Provide information like domain IP, sites with the same IP, IPv6 Compatibility check, etc. This information helps you to streamline & secure the website properly. Malware Scan Report: This tool will provide a report about whether the website is infected by Malicious Malware Software.  Search Engine Index: This shows the position of the web pages in the different search engines like Google index for Google search engine, likewise for Bing, Yahoo, and other popular search engines. This allows you to track your optimization effort and track the results of your efforts when trying to rank higher in the search engines. It is thus one of the best SEO tools to opt for.  Social Network Traffic: This shows the traffic coming from social networks. You can monitor and track the effectiveness of your social posts and ads by seeing how many people click back to your site and choose to engage with your ads/social posts. Keyword & Meta Info: Helps in improving the position of the website in search engines. Tracks information that search engines read and rely on when determining your positioning in the search results for that specific search query. Alexa Info: This shows the site’s rank in Alexa which is a popular global internet engagement ranking site. This allows you to get a comparison against the entire internet as a whole and how your site is compared on a global scale. Mobile-Friendly Check: This Lets you know whether the website is mobile-friendly or not. (whether the content is designed to display nicely on smaller screens and different devices). This is important as most users view pages on small mobile devices and all the top search engines heavily rank you based on being compatible with such devices.