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WHAT IS A VISITOR ANALYTICS TOOL: Visitor Analytics tool from PAB Marketing is one of the latest marketing tools one can opt for. It is a website analytics software tool that gives the user information about the different aspects of visitor behaviours. It allows you to see where user engagement is strongest, and where you lose most of the users.    WHY YOU NEED A VISITOR ANALYTICS TOOL: By being able to track very specific visitor analytics you can refine the user experience and make sure your users remain more engaged with your site which in turn allows you to complete your sales process and increase sales commitments.    HOW TO USE IT: You will find this tool under the “Analysis tools” section in the dashboard. Click on the “Actions” tab and you will be redirected to the complete Visitor Analytics dashboard. You will see a page that lists your website. Next to the site’s name, you will see a briefcase icon. Click that, and then select “View Details”.  There are several tabs here, and they give you actionable information and data. Under the traffic source tab, you see the sites that reference links to your website and the breakdown of total traffic and where it originated (search engine, social network, referral, etc). This will help you make decisions about what sources of traffic you should concentrate on and therefore create content.  For example, if you see that most of your traffic comes from social networks, you can plan to amp up your social media posts and profile. If your site is not getting any traffic via search engines, maybe it’s time to look into good SEO services.  You can check your most active traffic sources in specific date ranges by selecting the timeframe on this page.  Under Overview in Visitor Analytics, you can see the daily traffic updates on your website in a daily chart.  This page also has information about total visitors and total page views, essentially giving you information about the number of pages that your unique visitors access.  You will also find the average time spent by a visitor on the website, including average stay time and average visits. This tab will give you information about the bounce rate of your website.  Bounce rate is the rate at which your users are leaving the website to go to another website.  In the next tab, Visitor Type, you get information about how many new users your site attracts as well as returning users.  This information gives you a better idea about how engaging your content is and how many people return to your site.  You also get several reports in Visitor Analytics, like the Country Report, the OS Report (Operating System type), which tells you which operating system the user is using, the Browser Report, which tells you about the browser that the user is using and also the Device Report. You can access information about which country your traffic comes from, which operating system they use, what browsers they use to access, and the device, whether it is a mobile phone or a computer.  This gives you important information about the geographic location as well as the specific information about the users of your website.