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Social Network Analysis

WHAT IS THE SOCIAL NETWORK ANALYSIS TOOL: This Social network analysis tool is one of the best marketing tools from PAB Marketing. It tracks how many people clicked on links, which links, when, how, and which button they interact with (share, like, follow, etc).  WHY IT IS IMPORTANT TO HAVE A SOCIAL NETWORK ANALYSIS TOOL: Tracking the number of users and how they reached your site from social networks, you can get better insights on your social posts and ad campaign performance. It also lets you know your competitor’s social media metrics and how you rank against their campaigns and posts.  HOW TO USE THE SOCIAL NETWORK ANALYSIS TOOL: You will find this tool under the “Analysis tools” section in the dashboard. Click on the “Actions” tab and you will be redirected to the complete Social network analysis dashboard. In there you need to add your domain/website name by clicking on the “New analysis” tab, on this page (you can add as many domain names as you want to analyze).  You can also select the social media platforms you want to analyze. All the major social media platforms that track metrics are available under this tool including Facebook, Xing, Reddit, Pinterest, Buffer. You either select all the social platforms or only a particular one you want to analyze. After entering or uploading the domain/s name and selecting the preferred social media platform/s you have to click on the analysis tab for the analysis results to be displayed.  On the main page of the social network analysis tool all the domains you have entered to analyze will be displayed along with all the key metrics of analysis. There are three main tabs on this page- one is the “search” tab where you can search the domain you want to analyze, the second one is the “options” tab which provides options to download the analyzed data of the particular selected domain or all domain. Similarly, it lets you delete a particular selected domain or all domains. The third tab labelled “choose date” allows you to select the time in days or months (30 days, this month, etc.), from which timeline you want the analyzed data to create social media performance reports. The key metrics of social network analysis include  Facebook share– This allows you to know how many times the social media post is shared.  Facebook reaction– The reactions indicate how someone finds your post like, love, laugh, wowed, saddened, or angered by your post.  Facebook comment– This lets you know who has talked about your brand on social media, what has been said and written. Xing share– This allows you to know how many users directly shared links your webpage with their XING network. Pinterest pin– This allows you to know how many users have pined your social media content Reddit Score-As the name suggests it shows the Reddit score of your post. Reddit up-It shows how many times you post up on Reddit. It determines the ranking of the post on the sites page Reddit down– It shows how many times you post down on Reddit. It determines the ranking of the post Buffer share– This lets you know how many users have shared your social media post using buffer share.