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Online Image Editor

WHAT IS PAB IMAGE EDITOR TOOL: One of our latest tools is the online Image Editor Tool. This tool is a versatile powerful image editor that allows anybody to fix up, crop, edit and add effects and words to any image.    WHY YOU NEED PAB’S IMAGE EDITOR: If you don’t want to spend time hiring a graphic designer to fix up images or add important key messages into the images, you now have the ability to quickly clean up, touch up and dress up any image. This allows you to save time and money. Ideal for people on a budget, this tool is perfect and saves you the cost of purchasing large overpriced editing software, all while avoiding the delays of sourcing out artists and wasting time trying to explain to them your vision or strategy.    THE FEATURES: The Image Editor Tool comes with quite a few powerful features. Filter: The filter tool allows you to apply effects to your images. You can remove colours, brighten them up, apply camera colour effects and other stylized effects to the image with a single click of a button. Mix and match multiple filters to achieve the exact effect you want without needing to utilize powerful expensive editing software.  Resize, Crop, Transform:  These 3 options allow you to resize an image to the most suitable size for where you plan to use it. Crop it down to the exact aspect ratio you need, or rotate and stretch the image as needed. Draw:  This simple hand drawing tool allows you to draw in multiple colours and brush sizes. Great for stylizing or illustrating on top of your images. Text: Add messages to your images. You can define different font styles, families, and sizes. Move the writing around and make the image relay the right message to the image. Shapes: Add shapes to your image and add a flair of creativity to your message. Lines, arrows, and other commonly used shapes are easy to add right to the image. Set transparency levels and quickly create masterpieces.  Stickers: Add stickers, emoticons and other pre-generated graphics right to your image without having to draw or design them from scratch. Great for social posts and other fun creative messages.  Frame: Create beautiful frames around your image to help create a stronger and nicer look to your image. Corners: With corners, you can round off or stylize the edges of the image with a click of a button. Background: If you are combining multiple images, you can define a background image or colour and control it in one place allowing you to have better control of the layers of your project. Merge: Once your layers are finished, you can merge them all making it a single image again.