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WHAT IS LINK ANALYSIS TOOL: The Link Analysis tool from PAB Marketing is one of the latest SEO marketing tools we have released. It is a website analytics software tool that provides a complete analysis of weblinks and internal pages in your website. WHY YOU NEED A LINK ANALYSIS TOOL: Backlinks are the links pointing to your website. They are an important component for successful SEO. To prevent your SEO from plummeting, broken links, bad redirects, slow loading websites that point to your site, are all factors that can affect your SEO strategy. It is important to keep an eye on the links that drive traffic to your website.  HOW TO USE THE LINK ANALYSIS TOOL: The link analyzer tool can be found in the analysis tools section on the dashboard. On clicking on the action tab of link analysis you will find two tools, first one is the Link analyzer. If you click on it you will be redirected to the link analyzer tool page. On this page, you need to enter the domain name for analysis by clicking on the new analysis tab. After entering the domain name, click on the analysis tab to see the analyzed data.  The Key performance indicators (KPIs) of the link analyzer are External URL – which shows the number of external links of the website, Internal URL – shows the number of internal links within your website. It also shows the number of Nofollow and Dofollow Links.  The “nofollow” links do not backlink to your website, they are mainly used for advertisements. The “dofollow” links allow backlinking to your website to increase the website ranking in SEO. The second tool in the action tab is page status check the user interface is similar to the link analyzer tool page. The Key performance indicators (KPIs) of page status check are Url name, HTTP code, page Status, Total time (sec), Name lookup time (sec), Connect time (sec), Download speed time, Check date time. All this data can be utilized by the user to continuously monitor the web page’s health, like page speed, HTTPS, ping, trace, port, etc. They help in ensuring uninterrupted access to your website.