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Pablo is an entrepreneur who has mastered the art of the digital space. He achieved marketing skills in the early stages of his business and now helps small to large brands meet marketing goals. Pablo is also a passionate professional water damage technician and has spent the last decade consulting some of the most recognizable Restoration brands, training staff in Water Mitigation, Remediation, and Marketing Initiatives to increase visibility. His marketing techniques have helped gain him recognition from brands outside his industry and define some of today’s marketing methods utilized in Digital Marketing. His consulting services have helped restoration companies and a wide range of brands successfully reach the new generation of users in the new age of marketing technology.

Eddie has spent the last decade building technology solutions utilized by some of the world’s leading streaming services. His passion for growth hacking has helped define new and innovative ways to interact with consumers in the digital space.

Combining their efforts, they have built PAB Digital Marketing Agency in Toronto, specializing in Search Engine Optimization and automated lead generation solutions for businesses looking to grow their brand in the online digital space.  

Digital Marketing Services - Pab Marketing

Automated Lead Generation


We connect all marketing channels under one platform and automate all leads into high-quality, high-converting consumers who engage your brand and grow your business. By combining SEP & automation tools and our growth hacking techniques, we are able to provide you with a new stream of high lead conversions.


Leads + Customers = Profits

Automation in Digital Marketing helps create a higher quality lead by keeping on top of the consumer throughout the entire sales experience. Abandoned forms, reminder follow-ups, call-to-action incentive offers and other automated messages are critical in guiding a consumer past the hurdles that most businesses encounter when trying to convert a prospect into a paying customer. With automation, we can give your business the ability to produce better quality, prequalified, and adequately prepared potential customers without a time investment on your part. By the time you make that personalized first contact with the prospective client, they are prepared and know what to expect from that one-on-one encounter.

Marketing Strategy Package



Now is the Time to Grow Your Business

It all starts with a free one-on-one consultation with one of our lead generation experts. We will conduct a full marketing strategy audit and help you understand how you can take the right steps to achieve your marketing goals. 

We are so confident you will like our strategic plan, we will give you our Marketing Strategy Package for FREE. That’s over $1000 of services, for free with absolutely no obligation to you.


The PAB Tools for Success


Ask Yourself...

  • Are you experiencing a problem with your SEO digital marketing efforts not performing at the level you expected?

    Our custom automated tracking tools help measure and document your marketing efforts and quickly identify poor offers and weak performing strategies.

  • Are You Engaging your Audience When they Need You Most?

    Our Automated lead generation solution makes sure that when consumers are ready to act, you are there to engage them, day or night!

  • Do You Have the Right People Managing your Marketing Campaigns?

    Our expert team has been providing successful lead generation campaigns for hundreds of customers over the past decade.

  • Is your Content Relevant and Valuable to your Consumers?

    Our Growth Hacking methods help guide consumers to the right answers that help them make critical decisions when you want them to.

  • How can Automation improve my Marketing Strategy?

    By automating and guiding the consumer through a specific process, you can prequalify and prepare them for a one-on-one conversation at the end of their guided experience.

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